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Grace Millane’s killer ‘tested theories’ on Tinder date hours after murder

Her body was later found buried in a suitcase in a forested area outside the city in New Zealand. The defendant, now 28, claimed Ms Millane, whom he met on Tinder, died accidentally after the pair engaged in rough sex that went too far. A jury in November rejected that argument and found Kempson guilty and he was sentenced to a minimum of 17 years behind bars on Friday. She said her instincts kicked in due to his strange behavior, and she walked away from the killer at the end of their date, even though her car was in the same direction as his. They were also shown footage of the woman and the defendant drinking at various bars in Auckland and kissing before they returned to his apartment. Video footage of her exiting an elevator on the third floor marked the last recorded time Miss Millane was seen alive. Police officers said phone data showed the killer had used Google to browse websites for large duffel bags, suitcases and car hire after Miss Millane died. The Millane family have now set up a charity in her memory, called Love Grace, where handbags and toiletries are collected for domestic abuse victims. Justice Simon Moore did not lift the suppression order banning Kempson from being identified in New Zealand when he was sentenced. There is no date as to when it will be lifted, although it does not cover media organisations outside of New Zealand such as the Evening Standard. The Standard has geo-blocked this article from New Zealand. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here. Please wait Food for London. Future London. The Londoner. The Reader. Matthew d'Ancona. Ayesha Hazarika. Rohan Silva. Ellen E Jones. Laura Weir. Tottenham Hotspur. Crystal Palace. West Ham. Transfer News. Premier League. Champions League. Rugby Union. Horse Racing. A List. ES Magazine. Staying In. TV reviews. Music news. GO London. Great Days Out. Healthy at Home.

Grace Millane killer gets life: 'Depraved' Tinder date who strangled British backpacker is jailed

Grace Millane's killer Jesse Kempson is described as an 'oddball' by former friends. Grace Millane's killer was a serial fantasist who made up a tissue of lies to feed his obsession of having violent sex with young women, Mail Online can reveal. Jesse Kempson told would-be sexual partners that he had cancer, his parents were dead and his cousin was an All Black rugby star in bizarre attempts to seduce them. But in reality the 'creepy' year-old was just a failed salesman who was sacked shortly before he murdered Ms Millane - a former student from Wickford, Essex, on a gap year - in an Auckland hotel room after a Tinder date last December. Described by teammates on the amateur softball side he played for as an 'oddball' and 'loner', the good-looking sportsman said he has a law degree and was a successful businessman. Indeed Kempson's family describe him as a 'complex character' who had fallen out with his father two years ago and doesn't speak to most of his other relatives. His grandmother says that he was 'a very confused young man' and paints a picture of his chaotic life after his parents split up. His grandfather said that he 'loved his sport' but in more recent times he'd been 'at a bit of a loose end'. He added that the killer, who had a child with a woman in Australia, was estranged from his father because of 'a difference in opinion on life'. A former teammate told Mail Online: 'He was creepy towards girls. His life revolved around girls, taking to girls. Ms Millane, from Wickford, in Essex, the daughter of a builder, was murdered in a New Zealand hotel room last December by a man she had met just a few hours before. Kempson - a salesman who was sacked from his job on the day he began talking to her on Tinder - was found guilty of murdering her today in Auckland after a three-week trial. Ms Millane's father David touches his eye outside at Auckland High Court after the jury retired to consider their verdicts - then came back five hours later to find his daughter's killer guilty. The source said that he and some other men had intervened once when he tried to spark a relationship with a woman, warning her off spending time with him. Ms Millane picturedthe daughter of an Essex-based builder, was on a round-the-world trip when she died on the eve of her 22nd birthday last December. Harrowing CCTV shows smiling Grace entering the hotel holding the hand of her killer Kempson where he would take her life in his apartment. CCTV footage from inside the hotel lift captured the last time Grace was seen alive not knowing she was in the company of a murderous pervert. Online, at least, his efforts to turn his life around appeared convincing. She sends a picture of the tree to her parents in Essex. He arrives and they hug. He and Grace were seen ordering drinks and finding a table. They headed into the Bluestone Room where the accused had earlier been drinking beer alone. They kiss. They enter the lift and head to the killer's apartment. In the hours that followed she was brutally murdered, possibly in the early hours of December 2, her birthday. Kempson had moved there after a fallout with female housemates, increasingly concerned about his mood swings, attempted womanising and threatening behaviour. He boasted of being a businessman and of plans to buy a glamorous restaurant on Auckland's waterfront. It was all lies, and, in fact, what was not revealed in court was that he had been sacked from his job as a salesman the very day he and Grace began messaging each other on Tinder; Friday, November The reasons remain unknown, but may well have affected the killer's frame of mind the next day when he set out to meet Grace with a hug beside the Christmas tree at the SkyCity casino. He was then seen on CCTV rooting through her handbag while she went to the toilet as they drank cocktails together on the date. Certainly, there was no compassion for the young graduate as he squeezed the life out of her during sex, took appalling pictures of her body, watched horrific porn and crammed her into a suitcase which he buried in the woods. Kempson used the three-week murder trial to tell poisonous lies about Grace dying accidentally during rough sex he falsely claimed she had enjoyed and even encouraged because she was a fan of the 50 Shades of Grey films. In fact he had choked her to death for his own sexual pleasure on the eve of her 22nd birthday on December 2, watched porn afterwards and stuffed her body in a suitcase.

Grace Millane's killer Jesse Kempson lied to women to get sex

The killer of British backpacker Grace Millane was facing life in prison today after being convicted of her murder. Jesse Kempson, 27, strangled her in his hotel room after a Tinder date, before burying her body in a shallow grave in woodland on the outskirts of Auckland in New Zealand. Ms Millane would have turned 22 the following day. Her parents David and Gillian fought back tears after the jury of seven women and five men took five hours to return a unanimous guilty verdict this morning. They had been forced to endure a three-week trial in Auckland. Kempson — who cannot be named in New Zealand — refused to give evidence and instead put Ms Millane's sex life in the spotlight. Grace was taken in the most brutal fashion a year ago and our lives have been ripped apart. This will be with us for the rest of our lives. Grace was our sunshine and she will be missed forever. She did not deserve to be murdered in such a barbaric way on her gap year. She waved goodbye to her family and friends in October last year, spending time in Peru before landing in New Zealand. He took photos of her naked body and viewed pornography on his phone, before turning his attention to covering up his crime. The killer was caught on camera buying cleaning products, a suitcase, and renting a car. At the same time he was arranging another date. Her body was found on December 9. The killer told a series of lies to police, including a claim that they had gone their separate ways after the date and he had spent the rest of the night drinking in a bar. Partly raised by his grandparents after his parents split up, Kempson lived with his mother in Sydney, Australia, as a youngster, but then moved back to New Zealand to start a new life. He reportedly spent his days surfing dating apps and posting photos to show off expensive clothes and designer watches in his pursuit of women. His life revolved around girls, talking to girls. Kempson remained impassive in the dock as he was convicted this morning. He was remanded in custody by Judge Simon Moore until a sentencing hearing on February 21, when it will be decided if he can be identified in New Zealand. He faces life in prison with a minimum of 10 years without parole. Please wait Food for London. Future London. The Londoner.

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New Zealand man Jesse Kempson, 27, was found guilty of the murder of the young British woman following a Tinder date in Auckland December After the date, the pair returned to a hotel room in the New Zealand city where they had sex and Kempson subsequently strangled Ms. Prosecutors accused Kempson of photographing Ms. His life revolved around girls, talking to girls. He was always trying to get with younger girls —he was very quiet around the boys. According to the MailOnline, Kempson was an extravagant liar, weaving outrageous fantasies about his life in order to lure female victims into engaging in violent sex with him. The year-old reportedly spun fantasies when talking to prospective sexual partners, variously telling young women that he suffered from cancer, that he was an orphan and that his cousin was a star on the New Zealand rugby team. It is believed that Kempson has had very little contact with his mother since his parents split up when he was nine years old. His father was responsible for raising the New Zealand man, and later merged his small family with that of his girlfriend, who had her own children. During his three-week murder trial, Kempson said that Grace Millane had died accidentally during rough sex. Grace was our sunshine and she will be missed forever. Grace was taken away from us in the most brutal fashion a year ago and our lives and family have been ripped apart.

The mother of murdered Grace Millane has told her daughter's killer she is 'tormented' at how the British backpacker 'died terrified and alone in a room with you' as she confronted him in court today. Gillian Millane said Jesse Kempson's 'barbaric actions' were beyond comprehension' as she described her anguish over the 'terror and pain she must have experienced at your hands'. Kempson, 28, was today jailed for life in New Zealand and told he must spend at least 17 years behind bars for Miss Millane's murder. Justice Simon Moore branded the killer 'depraved' as he rejected the defence barrister's plea that Kempson should be allowed parole after 12 years. In addition, prosecutors today accused Kempson of 're-victimising' Grace and her family with his failed defence that the year-old Briton had died during rough sex gone wrong. Jurors rejected that defence last November, when Kempson was found guilty of murder. British backpacker Grace Millane left was killed by Jesse Kempson rightwho was sentenced to life in Auckland today. Jesse Kempson in court in Auckland. His identity is protected in New Zealand for legal reasons unrelated to this trial, so his face could not be shown unpixilated in court. You were in a position of total physical dominance. She trusted you. Ms Millane, 21, of Wickford, Essex, met Kempson via Tinder and had returned to his flat after a night out for consensual sex. In his sentencing remarks, Justice Simon Moore said the attack on the year-old was not pre-meditated or driven by rage, but there was no doubt that Ms Millane was vulnerable. The Hon Justice Simon Moore pictured branded Kempson 'depraved' and ordered he not be considered for parole for at least 17 years. Justice Moore described the photos Kempson took of Ms Millane's body as 'depraved' and said his actions showed a 'lack of empathy'. Kempson, wearing a dark suit, left the dock in silence and showed little emotion as he was led away to begin his prison sentence. Recalling the moment when her daughter disappeared she said that not knowing where she was left her in 'agonising pain', as reported by the NZ Herald. She died terrified and alone in a room with you. She added: 'The tears I shed are never-ending at the thought of never having the chance to kiss my Grace goodbye. Gillian Millane, appeared in court via video link, and read an emotional victim impact statement, saying her daughter 'was my friend, my very best friend' and that the murderer had 'taken my daughter's future'. Grace's brother Michael, left, and her sister-in-law Victoria, right, addressed the court. A photo of Grace hung on the wall behind them as they spoke of how her death had impacted them. After Kempson was found guilty of Ms Millane's murder, her father Mr Millane and her mother, Gillian Millane, wept, as did several jurors after the verdict last year. It was the last footage of her alive. Ms Millane had just started to travel the world after recently graduating from university when she went on a date with Kempson. She sends a picture of the tree to her parents in Essex. He arrives and they hug.

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